Breaking News: A Novel

​​Breaking News: A Novel
“Breaking News: A Novel is a quick read that really moves, with some 
powerful surprises! A good ‘backstage’ look at the world of broadcast news.”
-- M.J. McDermott, Q13 FOX News, Seattle, WA

"For me it was like watching a train wreck...from the train.
 Breaking News roped me in. It's fast furious and unfortunately, real."
 ~ Michael Harris, Network TV News Producer

Despite ABS News producer Bill Ramey's distaste for seamy news stories, he pursues evidence that links Senator Gerald Smith to the disappearance of a beautiful blond coed. Nothing is as it appears and soon Bill uncovers dark secrets that someone would kill to protect. As the news story unfolds Bill Ramey and Senator Smith are swept into the funnel of a media tornado that neither of them can control. Though Bill tries to hang on to his integrity, he becomes one of the players in a dangerous game of media manipulation.

Reviews - What People are Saying

Excellent story
The main character, Bill Ramey, is so well presented with the sense of integrity, he is like a friend. The story carries you along from the first chapter and offers many surprises. In the end this is a great story about the media and the manipulation of truth for the ratings wars. ~ luv2read

Great Book!!
I loved reading this book. It was well written with a great plot and twist. I cant wait to read more from Rader and Gudgell. ~ Jan M. Goshorn

Breaking news
Would not be surprised at all that this kind of stuff actually happens. I feel like I see some of it in today's news at times. A news producer gets caught up in the station manager's need for ratings. A beautiful woman is missing, doesn't matter if it can be verified...a senator is involved, could he have killed her...he secretly contacts the producer and threatens him...several attempts have been made...the producer loans his car to his coworker and it kills the coworker when it blows up....the producer discovers the beautiful woman story is a why the death attempts....a very good mystery. ~ Amazon Customer

Five Stars
It was very good I couldn't put it down. ~ Joan60

A Rollicking Good Read
It is a great political thriller and should make us all question what we see and read in the news. ~ Frannie Babbon

Breaking news
This only reinforces my suspicions for years about the news!! As one ages and gains more experience rearing people the news appears more and more to be only in swipe arch of something they can exploit for sensationalism! There is no concern for privacy, or real people's feelings, standing around to get a pic of a grave site or the spot on the pavement where someone died??? This isn't news!! This book is awesome!!! God bless the reporters who do try to tell the truth! ~ Bev

A Study of tv news?
Well paced thriller. Great read, an excellent take-along book. Hoping it's the 1st of a series of Bill/Eva thrillers. Waiting to see. ~ Russ

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