The Author

J.D. Rader grew up in the Chicago south side neighborhood Hyde Park. Growing up in this very diverse neighborhood through the turbulent sixties and seventies shaped her emotionally, politically and spiritually. She has loved writing since she was young and has integrated this passion into her life.

She enjoys writing plot driven stories with complex, three-dimensional characters. She likes action as well as dialog, making her books translate beautifully to screenplays. She is currently finishing her speculative/new adult fiction trilogy.

Julia's works of fiction include Breaking News: A Novel, the book co-written with television news producer Michael Gudgell. This book takes the reader on a wild ride behind the scenes of a television news frenzy surrounding a politician and missing woman.
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In 2017 she released In the Light the first novel in a speculative fiction trilogy about a mother and daughter's quest to bring humanity and freedom back to a country crushed by repressive, patriarchal regime. 

Julia also published the first edition of the guide book, Bringing out Baby, to help new parents in the Seattle area find places and things to do with their babies.